Computer Optimization Tips – How to Optimize Your Computer in 5 Easy Steps and Recapture Your Speed

Our personal computers are similar to the cars we drive; they need tune ups and maintenance care as a preventative measure in order for them to run efficiently without serious breakdowns. Over time your PC can accumulate unnecessary files and programs or software that you may no longer use or they may be internet downloads stored in a folder. All these things contribute to your PC’s sluggish performance and slow running. There are a number of things you can do to improve and optimize the capabilities of your PC.

The following are some helpful tips to improve your computer’s performance

  • Check your computer for virus, spyware and adware. These programs are often hidden and may pose malicious intent or annoying interruptions. Get rid of these programs by running a scan or deleting them, as they do slow down your PC.
  • Defragment your hard drive. Your hard drive doesn’t always save your files in the one place. It may store parts of files anywhere there is free space. Defragmenting your hared drive organizes those files and brings them altogether. This makes your PC run smoothly and a lot quicker.
  • Free up Space. Remove any unused files or programs you aren’t using. Delete temporary files at least once a week. When you view website pages and other programs on your computer, over time they will slow down your computers performance. Your PC setup or startup program may need some tweaking. Close or delete any unnecessary programs that are not required when you turn on your computer.
  • Automatic Software updates. Many programs like Microsoft works continually release updates for windows and other products. This includes updates for Microsoft Office and other regularly used software. By installing these updates they will improve your computer’s speed and performance.
  • Other products like adapters and USB’s can also optimize the performance of your PC or Laptop. These products help maximize your computers optimal capabilities when you add external compatible devices, which makes for a smooth transfer of information as well as your work conducted efficiently.

It may also be helpful to access detailed information about the performance of the hardware on your PC from going into your control panel and searching for performance information and tools. This should give you the required information on things like processor speed and the amount of RAM memory installed and the size of the hard disk.

Having your computer running efficiently, especially for work is important in order to look professional otherwise it may interrupt or stop you from completing your work, causing delays and possible loss of business.

Remember your computer or Laptop needs a tune up too every once in a while in order to be working at peak performance, for a quicker and more efficient computer. General maintenance is important for all computers as well as having compatible accessories that can enhance your computer’s capabilities as well as your professionalism in what you achieve with your computer.

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